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The User Interface consists of three main sections:

  • Section 1: a header menu (red box in figure 1) from which the user can select the product from the catalogue choosing between:

a. Environmental Indicators

b. Numerical Model Outputs

c. Remote Sensing Satellite Products

d. In Situ Water and Marine Monitoring Data

e. Historical Documents

  • Section 2: a control panel on the left (blue box in figure 1) for the selection of the variable and the time period of interest. Here the user can furthermore set the time series to visualize (position and time interval).
  • Section 3: a map in the middle of the home page (see the grey box in figure 1) where environmental fields are shown.


In the header menu the user can select the product from the catalogue (see figure2 below).


The control panel

The control panel on the left side allows the features for maps or for time series for the display of the selected indicator to be set. For example, it is possible to select the variable (e.g. temperature, salinity), the time period (month and season), the depth and the geographical position (latitude, longitude), the time interval (i.e. from January 2010 to November 2014) and the frequency for the time series (see figure 3 below).


The map shows the environmental field according to the product selected in the header menu and the variable chosen in the control panel.     

The times series are shown after the selection of the Draw chart button in the control panel (red circle in Figure3)

The following table lists all the products available in the catalogue